How to Assess your stress

[divider top=”0″ style=”shadow”]One of the looming challenges for successful stress management is to assess your stress. A certain level of stress can energize and motivate you to deal with the important issues in your life. You will want to focus your energy on the things in your life that are truly important. How do you determine what factors cause you unnecessary stress? How does your stress level compare to others?

To assess stress, no one best tool will suffice, in part because reactions to events vary from person to person. What distresses one person excites and challenges another. Research increasingly supports the idea that the amount of stress is not what matters but, instead, the individual’s ability to control the stressful situation. Often, external events are not what cause stress. How we perceive and cope with stressful events is the determining factor.


The following assessments and surveys are not intended to be diagnostic but only to guide you in better understanding yourself.

Assess Your Stress

Symptoms of Stress

Perceived Stress Scale

• Inventory of College Students’ Recent Life Experiences

• Ardell Wellness Stress Test

• Student Stress Scale

• Stress Vulnerability Factors

• Tombstone Test

• Daily Stress Diary

Taken together, the results of these assessments will produce an overall picture of your current stress status and help you decide where you want to go and how you can get there. Starting with a comprehensive assessment is so important that we have devoted this entire chapter to helping you get the picture of your current stress status.