What Sleeping has to do with your Waistline

By: Shanyn OlpinThat Freshman Fifteen, may not all be from the cafeteria food. It may be because you haven't been hitting the snooze button enough. Sleep, or lack of it, not only affects your mind, it can seriously affect your waistline. Here's how. (more…)...
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Why Diets Don’t Work

By: Shanyn OlpinOur ancestors had to physically work hard for their food. The foods that they ate provided calories, but rarely the surplus of calories that we easily find in our foods today. There were also times of shortage, or famine when food was scarce and they went hungry. Through the ages, the DNA in our cells has remembered that. (more…)...
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Release the Grease!

By: Shanyn OlpinIn the article “Why Diets Don’t Work” we learn that in the long run, dieters actually gain more weight. But don’t worry there is a solution. Your body can train its fat cells to release the grease. Here’s how. (more…)...
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