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The Best Meditation for a Stress Headache

It’s true; the best meditation for a stress headache seems to be mindfulness meditation. In a new study from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, people who meditated for just 20 minutes a day saw their pain tolerance rise in 4 days. Volunteers learned an ultra-easy technique called mindfulness meditation that teaches you to focus on your breath and Read more

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Understanding Fear and Stress

FEAR AND stress are very similar. They oftentimes feel the same. If we truly understand fear and get a clear picture of what is happening when we feel fear, we can oftentimes dispense with the need to fear things at all. We can make the fear disappear! In class, when we begin our focus on fear, I start with Read more

Do You Have the Winter Blues, or is it SAD?

Do You Have the Winter Blues, or is it SAD? Many of us dread the coming of winter, the darkness, the cold, the increased risk of getting the flu. About 10 to 20 percent of the American population suffers from what is commonly referred to as the “winter blues.” A smaller percentage, from about 4 to 6%, suffers from a more Read more

Are You the “One” in Five Americans that Shows Signs of Chronic Sleep Deprivation?

Are You the “One” in Five Americans that Shows Signs of Chronic Sleep Deprivation? Do you ever get frustrated because you can’t find your keys? Have you ever walked into a room and don’t remember why? Are you ever afraid that you may be on your way to Alzheimer’s? Here is what chronic sleep deprivation can do to you . . Read more

What is Stand Up Paddle Yoga?

What is Stand Up Paddle Yoga? Water is a calming, natural stress reliever. Perhaps that is why so many of us love to sit and listen to the sounds of the ocean, or to a babbling brook, or to the waves of a lake lapping against the dock. Water is great for fitness too. Besides the regular water sports like swimming, Read more

Too Old for Yoga? Nope

Too Old for Yoga?   Nope Do you know anyone who is suffering from osteoporosis, arthritis, curvature of the spine, depression, stress, or just not being able to reach down and tie their shoes? In a study done by The American Journal of Public Health, Yoga was found to help those who were in their 60’s who suffered from “dowager’s hump” Read more

Yoga for All Kids - especially those with ADHD and hyperactivity!

Yoga for All Kids - especially those with ADHD and hyperactivity! Yoga for kids is great!– it helps them to relax which kids need to do! It also teaches them to listen to their bodies, something we all need to do, and it accomplishes this without the kids losing attention or becoming bored. Yoga is a great physical activity that helps Read more

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Mindfulness Tips

“Wherever you go, there you are.”
-Jon Kabat Zinn

Mindfulness has been used successfully to help people reduce pain, lose weight, enhance memory and cognitive function, develop healthier relationships, and perform better in athletic events.

In a study of menopausal women, those who took a mindfulness class reported being less bothered by hot flashes. They had better sleep, lower stress and anxiety levels, and a higher quality of life.

Wow, for being such an easy thing to do, mindfulness packs a powerful punch.  But what is it anyway?

Basically, mindfulness is experiencing the present moment – not worrying about the future, or fretting about the past. Mindfulness is being fully present in the now.

Remember when we fear something that might happen in the future, or think about something nasty from the past, we not only lose out on our chance to live in the present moment, we turn on the stress response.

We don’t want that!

Here are some tips to be more mindful and enjoy the moments of today.

1. Remember the mind can only focus on one thing at a time.

2. You are always free to choose what you think about

3. Observe your thoughts rather than react to them.

Now –

4. Stop thinking and start noticing.   You may need to actually say “stop” out loud when your thoughts start racing and the mind chatter wants to take over.

5. Take a few minutes to notice the details of where you are and what you are hearing, feeling, or seeing.  Say to yourself, “I am observing . . .” or  “I am noticing . . .”

6. Turn off the television while you eat. Slow down and notice what the food looks like, smells like, and how it tastes.

7. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Notice the colors on the inside of your eyelids, or what your breath feels like going in and out of your body.

8. When talking with someone, listen for what they are feeling. (Words rarely say what we want them to.) Observe their body, tone of voice, and gestures closely to see what their emotions are trying to tell you.

9. Drive so that you notice the details. What is happening around you? What kind of stop lights, road signs, other cars, trees, homes, businesses, and people do you pass on your way?

10. Focus on your body to fall asleep.  If you have trouble falling asleep, it is probably because you are “thinking.” (Your mind does not know the difference between a future event and a present one, so thinking about the day or what is happening tomorrow will keep your mind active and awake.)

Instead, move your awareness slowly through your body, beginning at your feet and moving up toward your head. Passively observe how each part of the body feels, release the tension, and move to the nest part.  (You may want to try the autogenics relaxation exercise, which will guide you through this process for an excellent night’s rest.)  

Happy Being!


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  1. Austin Miller-Anderson

    I completely agree with this. In the past staying mindful has helped me so much with any pain that I have had. It is much better then any medication that you can ever take!


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