Instructions for how to acquire the Relaxation Exercises

How to get the Relaxation Exercises
(both the previous ones and the newer ones)
in 10 Simple Steps

1. Click the Products (Store) menu in the upper right, which will take you to the store. Once there, select the Relaxation Exercises – 2005 icon. (Follow the steps in the next paragraph to get the updated, new and improved relaxation exercises). This will take you to a new page with a list of the Relaxation Exercises. Select any of the Exercises you want by clicking directly on the name or icon of each one. Click “Add to Bag” for each exercise that you want (you can add more than one item into your bag by choosing “Continue Shopping” ). As you make your selections, they will show up in your “Shopping Bag” along the right side of the page.

To get the newer (and much better) relaxation exercises, click the Deep Relaxation Exercises – 2015 icon. Go through the same steps described in the previous paragraph to get these.

2. Once you have all the items you want, select “Go to Checkout” which will take you to the next page that lists each of the items you have selected. Select “Checkout” if you have all the items you want.

3. On the next page, fill out your billing information. Then click “continue” at the bottom.

4. The next page is titled “Olpin Stress Management Consulting. If you have a PayPal account, log in with your email and PayPal password. Follow the steps to complete your order. Now Skip to number 6 below.

5. If you don’t have a PayPal account, and want to pay with a credit card, click the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” link. Then fill in your credit card information. Click “Pay.”

6. The next page is your “receipt” indicating that you just completed your payment. Select the link titled “Return to Olpin Stress Management Consulting” which will take you to the page with instructions for downloading.

7. On the next page you’ll find, “Your order has been placed” with your purchase information. To download the exercises to your computer, click the name (followed by. m4a) of each of the items that you purchased. They will then individually download to your computer.

8. Locate the audio file(s) on your computer and add them to iTunes or other media player in your computer.

9. You can then load them to your iPod, Smartphone, or other mp3 playing device.

10. Enjoy!

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