By: Shanyn Olpin

In the article Why Diets Don’t Work we learn that in the long run, dieters actually gain more weight. But don’t worry there is a solution. Your body can train its fat cells to release the grease. Here’s how.

Your fat cells are living, thinking entities. They are NOT just storage lockers. They realize that they contain necessary fuel for the body’s survival and they are very responsible soldiers. In fact, fat cells found around the thighs are very reluctant to release fat, as women will attest, while the ones in the breasts and abdomen release their stores a bit more easily.

This is actually a good thing. Those people with excess fat in their abdomen are much more prone to heart disease than those who store it around the thighs. In the apple vs the pear body, the pears win. The good thing for apples is that their fat is much easier to lose.

Fat cells will release their stores when they believe those stores will be replaced. HUNGER IS NOT THE MESSAGE you want to send, as the body may interpret that as famine, so dieting is out. (When we speak of dieting we mean drastically restricting calories, not just cutting back on sweets.) Instead, we want to INCREASE METABOLISM and TRAIN the cells to RELEASE THE GREASE.

Here is an example of how cool this process can be. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon. This is a runner’s paradise, except for all of the rain. (But true runners don’t mind the rain.) Hayward Field is a track showcase and the city actually has many great trails to run on. It even has lanes on the roads for cars, bikers, and runners. Many Track and Field Olympians have trained on the University of Oregon campus.

Alberto Salazar was one of these elite runners, so scientists loved to study him. The story goes, as told by Covert Bailey, author of “Smart Exercise,” that scientists would hook up Salazar to all kinds of probes and wires used to record data and then tell him to run on the treadmill. What they found was that even BEFORE HE BEGAN TO RUN, his body would begin to RELEASE THE GREASE.

Why, you may ask, would his fat cells freely open their doors when mine are so stingy with the stuff? Because his fat cells were trained to release the fat. He had logged in so many miles that just looking at the treadmill, his brain would send signals to his body that fuel was needed. His body released the fuel because it knew it would be needed and replaced after the run. This is why marathoners can eat diets much higher in fat. Their bodies don’t store a lot of it. The cells have been trained to release the fat, not to be stingy about storing it.

Ok, you say, but I am not a marathon runner. It doesn’t matter. Anyone who exercises the right way can train their fat cells too.

To learn more, look for the article, Boost Metabolism While You Sleep.”



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  • KarLee D

    I love how this article actually tells me what I need to do rather than the usual “Cut back to 500 calories a day and you will lose weight”. I am happy to know I can still lose the weight I need to lose without having to survive on celery and water.

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