Water is a calming, natural stress reliever. Perhaps that is why so many of us love to sit and listen to the sounds of the ocean, or to a babbling brook, or to the waves of a lake lapping against the dock.[frame align=”right”][/frame]

Water is great for fitness too. Besides the regular water sports like swimming, diving, and water skiing, Stand Up Paddle Boards have become a popular way to work out. Imagine all the fresh air, exploring a lagoon, and getting fit at the same time- so it was inevitable that creative SUP enthusiasts would add a yoga component, and it is fantastic!

In Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, the board replaces the mat, the relaxing sounds of nature replace the music and mother nature replaces the room. The challenge is greater because of the unpredictable nature of the water moving under the board. More is required in terms of balance, strength and focus because if you lose those, you might end up in the water.

“Most people say the risk is worth it,” says Tiffani Nye one of Utah’s only certified SUP yoga instructors. Tiffani certified as an instructor in Florida and loves how she feels after a workout.

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