Decreasing Stress for Beginners


By: Dr. Mike Olpin

If you are like most people, and were taught the same things I learned growing up: stress is something that happens to you and you just have to deal with it.
There is nothing you can do about it.
I am here to tell you from expereince, that is not true.

I am Mike Olpin. I have been coaching people one-on-one on how to deal with and eliminate their stress for over 30 years and I am here to help you too.


Our purpose is to help you make your life less stressful.

We do that by providing you with resources such as articles, books, online media, discussion areas, information, and other resources that can help you achieve a happy, healthy, and productive life.


What is Stress?

A really long time ago, our ancestors (the cavemen) lived a life peace. They really had nothing going on until a big bear or tiger threatened to attack them. During an attack, our ancestors’ bodies would “ramp up,” increasing blood pumping and circulating to muscles in order to either fight the animal or run away. However, once the attack was over or they got far enough away from the bear or tiger, they would return to their peaceful life with nothing else really going on.

Today, we don’t have bears or tigers threatening to attack us, but our bodies have evolved with that same “ramp up” mechanism our ancestors had. Today we face other stressors such as traffic jams, relationship troubles, death of family members, and financial difficulties.

The difference is, our “ramp up” or stress systems stay on for a lot longer than it did for our ancestors, creating imbalance in our bodies and a multitude of inconvenient symptoms

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Headaches and muscle tension
  • Constant fatigue, no matter what you try
  • Relationship issues
  • No sleep
  • Loss of libido
  • Getting sick all the time
  • Upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, nausea
  • Feeling worried and anxious all the time

Haven’t we all had enough?

Welcome to a Change

I am here to tell you, first hand, there is a way out. You aren’t destined to stay in a state of constant stress forever.

For over three decades, I have been researching and teaching the best tools on the planet to reduce stress and help people feel awesome.

Now its your turn.

No matter who you are, where you come from, how stressed you think you are, I believe you can change your way of thinking and reduce the stress you have in your life. You can perform better at everything you do, if you give the tools I am going to teach you a shot.

In fact, the most crucial step is for you to believe in yourself. Believe that you can change and there is a better, less stressful, life waiting for you

Mastering Your Stress: Start Here

Join us for leading-edge information on how to hack your stress,  take charge of your thoughts, sleep better than ever, and reduce anxiety and worry, so you can create the life you have always deserved. Here are some of my favorite stress reducing tools to get you started:

Mastering Your Stress – An Online Course

Mastering Your Stress is the easiest and quickest way to learn everything there is to know about stress and how to reduce it. Packed full of videos, worksheets, exercises, and stress hacks to immediately reduce symptoms of stress, this one-on-one coaching course everything I have learned and taught for the past 30 years.

Mind-Body Balance – An Online Course

Mind-Body Balance is the next step after you have completed the Mastering Your Stress Course. Mind-Body Balance will teach you how to upgrade your thoughts, prevent stress from ever showing up, and not only eliminate stress, but find a deeper love for yourself and your health.

Stress Management Tool Kit

The Stress Management Tool Kit is part of my continuing search for awesome stress management information. I will keep you in the loop as I post the best tools and tricks I find to reduce stress and create a life of balance and health.

Assess Your Stress

Assess Your Stress gives you a baseline measurement of your stress level and what to do about it. As you go throughout the course and other materials I give to you, refer back to this often to track your progress.

Stress Free Nutrition

Stress Free Nutrition Get rid of all the crud and fat inside your body. If you are going to start a transformation, you have to include some tricks I will give you in my nutrition section.


Sleep We spend a third of our life doing it. Sleep is one of the best ways to upgrade your brain and your body. Find out here how to get the most out of your nap-time.


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How My Journey Began

When I was 25, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. I had hypertenion and my doctor told me I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life to control my blood pressure. This was really frustrating to me because I thought I was doing everything right. I was exercising regularly and I was eating pretty well. I thought that was all I needed to do for a long life of wellness. As I investigated this condition of hypertension, I learned that part of the problem had to do with my stress. My chronic stress had turned into a host of problems that was harming my health. I realized that if I didn’t do something about it, it could have devastating results. 

They said “there was nothing else I could do about it,” but I didn’t want to be on medications for my entire life.

After that I decided to dedicate my life to finding the best tools, techniques and natural remedies on the planet to help me and people who are going through similar stressful experiences.

And here I am in my mid-fifties, with no high blood pressure, taking no medications and healthier than I was in my 20s.

I want you to enjoy the same health that I am by sharing my knowledge with you. You may be a little nervous or timid and just try one or two things, or you may be ready to jump right in and get rid of your stress forever. Either way, I know it will work. The more time you give to this, the more benefits you will enjoy. And I will be right here with you every step of the way.

Welcome to a Stress Free Life!

There is a lot of information in here. Don’t get overwhelmed! Just take it little by little and come back often. If you are ready, head over to our Mastering Your Stress Course, it is the best place to start. As you learn more you will be able to implement small things you learn that will one day accumulate to a huge foundation of stress free living. We would love to send you info straight to your inbox if you put in your email below. Check out our other social media sites for further support and information. Sign up now so we can start your journey to stress free living!