Anger & Fear: The Two Main Stress Emotions

This class begins with a quick look at the only reason why we are ever angry.

If all emotions are preceded by thoughts, we discover THE thought that we always have that precedes anger.

We then explore how nothing external is inherently fearful.

Fear is a conditioned response and can hinder a person’s realization of goals and desires.

Because fear is learned it can also be UN-learned.

When discussing fear of failure, one can choose a fear-based perspective resulting in stagnation of behaviors
or see results as outcome based which leads to possibilities and exploration beyond the scope
of one’s “comfort zone” which results in growth.

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  • Alyssa Gardner

    It is interesting how in order to become who we are or going out of our comfort zone is by us overcoming fear. All of our emotions are created by our thoughts. Our anger comes from us thinking “This shouldn’t be happening this way.” I thought it was funny because its very true.

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