In this class, we introduce to our minds the powerful stress management tool called mindfulness.

We begin by clarifying the difference between the reality of present moment awareness
and the perceived reality of past and future events and how the body responds
in relation to those perceptions.

When consciousness is in the present moment, stress does not exist. We get there by being mindful.



  • Chris C

    When I took the class from Dr. Olpin this was one of my favorite activities! It was surprising how easy and effective it was on reducing my stress level. Something so simple as being mindful was very helpful to me and will be helpful in the future.

  • Alyssa Gardner

    I found this very interesting the way you define something being “real.” I think it is very cool that the girl could read your ora. I also thought it was very cool that you were so stressed out from failing your test, but yet you just stopped to watch the sunset and your whole perspective on life could change in one moment.

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