Mindfulness – Part 2

This class is the second of two discussing mindfulness.

Chinese philosophy and the steps necessary to achieve mindfulness are  presented.

When a person successfully practices the elements of mindfulness, the awareness of a peaceful experience is created.

Tuning into one’s senses and observing the environment in the present moment is the practice of being mindful.

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  • Alyssa Gardner

    I find it very interesting that you could lay in bed and think about your whole body relaxing from feet to your head and fall asleep. I have tried that before and it did not work for me. I really like the statement from John Habatzen “Mindfullness involves intentionally doing only one thing at a time and making sure I am here for it.” I like thinking about all of the things that could mean. To mean in means to focus only on the moment and not stress about other things.

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