She doesn’t do yoga every day, yet on the morning of her wedding, Rylee Porter Alderman decided to do some yoga.
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Rylee originally started yoga because she loved the aspects that it brought to her fitness. “Yoga challenged me in my balance, posture, flexibility, and areas that my other [fitness] classes neglected.

So why would she take the time to do yoga on the morning of the biggest day of her life?

Rylee explains, “I chose to do yoga and a good meditation session on the morning of my wedding because even though I knew everything was taken care of and that the night would go wonderfully, I still felt anxious. So I decided yoga would be a really good idea to stretch and calm my mind, body, and spirit. I felt like it really centered me and put me in a really good place which set me up to have a perfect wedding.”

“I highly suggest yoga to any bride or bride to be. It has the mental and physical benefits of meditation for your mind. I think it was one of the smartest decisions I made on my wedding day. I am no expert; it was just basic yoga, but the benefits worked for me.”

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