Wellness – Fear

The Best Medication for a Stress Headache? Meditation

It’s true; the best medication for a stress headache seems to be meditation. In a new study from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, people who meditated for just 20 minutes a day saw their pain tolerance rise in Read more

Wellness – Fear

This class discusses the topic of fear and how nothing is inherently fearful. We are conditioned to be fearful and , therefore, we can be UN-conditioned as well. Becoming aware that fear is only the story we tell ourselves, we can start to question and observe the thoughts that induce the fear reaction within our bodies. We can question any thoughts that attach fear and limit our experience of growth and accomplishing our desires. Our past experiences can be a tool to realizing that we can do whatever we desire and that we will be all right. Fear exists only because we attach some belief of pain with a thought about the future. Freedom of fears that limit our actions and desires can be accomplished.

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