Yoga for kids is great! it helps them to relax which kids need to do! It also teaches them to listen to their bodies, something we all need to do, and it accomplishes this without the kids losing attention or becoming bored.

Yoga is a great physical activity that helps with balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength. More and more coaches are including yoga as part of training for kids sports.

Research has found that students that practice yoga are better able to focus on classroom tasks. Yoga has also shown promising results in helping children with ADHD, and those that experience symptoms of hyperactivity. Yoga would be a great way to get everyone to slow down after recess, or an activity to do on snowy days.

Yoga can be a fun family activity. Remember, kids have short attention spans and will most likely not like anything they are forced to do. So make it fun, don’t take it too seriously, and lead by example. If they see you doing it and loving it, they are more likely to try it, too.

Here are some cool kid resources for yoga.

Sid the Science Kid does Yoga

This site has yoga accessories for everyone, including kids! Kids Yoga DVDs,Kids Yoga Apparel, Yoga Mats and yoga coloring books! It even has yoga packages for teachers in preschool and elementary school.