10 Affirmations for Wellbeing


Let’s End the Stress Mess

10 Affirmations for wellbeing

Do you ever notice negative thoughts about yourself pop into your mind that you can’t seem to get rid of?

Using affirmations can help decrease the number of negative thoughts we experience and increase our self-worth.

This also leads to a reduction of stress and self-doubt.

Each time you notice a negative thought about yourself, immediately think of three positive things about you that prove that negative thought wrong.

Using affirmations is a powerful, effective way to reduce negative self-talk and stress levels.
Here are a few simple affirmations to help you get started:
I am strong.
I am resilient.
I am worthy.
I am enough.
I am important.
I am intelligent.
I am valued.
I am powerful.
I am capable.
Use affirmations anytime you feel like you need a little extra boost of energy, well-being, or happiness.

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