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Dr. Michael Olpin

Dr. Olpin has taught Stress Management, Mind/Body Wellness and other individual wellness-oriented classes at several universities around the country for over 30 years.

He is the author of several published books including his most recent UNWIND! 7 Principles for a Stress-Free Life (available in 4 languages), the college textbook Stress Management for Life and The World is NOT a Stressful Place: Stress Relief for Everyone.

Dr. Olpin has influenced many throughout the world through his classes, digital media downloads, and online presentations. He is the founder and director of the Stress Relief Center at Weber State University that helps community members and students find opportunities to relax. He is also known for his professional workshops, seminars, trainings and also his work with individuals including parents, students, athletes and executives across the United States.

Dr. Olpin’s Mission

I know what I do works to stop your stress.

My goal is to give you tools that you can use every day to reduce and minimize the effects of your stress.

I’m committed to helping you heal.

Because people are different, what works for one may not always work for another, but we use enough powerful tools that at least a few and usually several will work to help you effectively turn off stress and feel a lot better. 

And the more you use the tools, on a daily basis, the more calm, peaceful, and relaxed you will feel every day.

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 My biggest stressor was never getting enough sleep because I was constantly doing things, out late, never sleeping through the night, always having a million things on my mind and just always going, never sleeping. You really helped me with that, especially when I would do those relaxation exercises right before bed. Once I put everything down and away, those exercises really helped me fall asleep; they helped so much I was usually asleep before I could get 10 minutes into the exercise. I also have become more relaxed, and not so easily irritated.

Alexia T.

replacing medication

I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder about three years ago. Since then I have been
on and off medication, seen psychiatrists and therapists, and nothing I have tried to help
manage it has been nearly as helpful as what I learned from Dr. Olpin. The information is so
valuable and I wish everyone could have it.

Courtney C.


I have been searching for peace and emotional healing for the about 15 yrs. Even though I have learned
a few tips, I have never been introduced to the variety of healing and peaceful techniques that Mike has shown me.

Between meditation, yoga, empathetic listening and being mindful, I see my life in a different way.  I am finding that I am being aware of my surroundings and enjoying my days. 

Trisha G. 

A struggling student sent me this email:

People Helped

Dr. Olpin has helped people all over the globe through his teaching, books, speaking engagements, and online resources.

Universities approve

Dr. Olpin’s stress management textbook is used across universities all across the United States.

Speaking engagements

Dr. Olpin has spoken to groups and organizations all across the United States.

Online Assets Made

Dr. Olpin has made hundreds of online assets including video, audio, and books to help others be able to access his content.