Assess Your Stress

Let's see how you're doing - stress-wise

The first step in doing something about your stress is to find out how stressed you are right now by taking a look at your stress-related symptoms.

Not surprisingly, if you regularly experience a lot of them,  it’s a good sign that your body's stress response is kicking in more frequently than it should.


Your Results

Super-Stress - Survival Mode: If you got this result, the most important thing you can do is take steps to reduce your stress levels and eliminate your symptoms of stress. Then you can focus on stress prevention. But first, we need to turn OFF your stress.

Highly Stressed - Regaining Balance: If you got this result, you'll want to focus on both reducing stress levels AND on effective ways to prevent your stress.

Moderately Stressed - Maintaining Balance: If you got this result, you aren't struggling with too many symptoms of stress. Your main focus would be to learn all you can to prevent stress from happening in your life.

Barely Stressed - Thriving: If you got this result, congratulations. You're doing well - stress-wise. You would benefit most by learning about the high-functioning tools that dramatically enhance your well-being, such as mindfulness, meditation, serendipity and other powerful tools to help you expand your well-being. 

What Do Your Results Mean?

Stress—and the symptoms it can produce—manifests differently for everyone. Some stressed out people may experience many physical and emotional issues; others just one or two. Some people report feeling very high levels of stress, yet not suffer any symptoms at all. 

But for now, use your assessment scores as a baseline to measure your progress as you use the tools and techniques on this website. Later on, take the tests again and see if your answers change—you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.

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