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Try each exercise at least twice and discover how they work for you.

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Relax & Reduce Stress

Guided Relaxation Downloads 1

The Power Nap

One of the most popular relaxations! Immediately reduce stress, get a resurgence of energy, and restore  balance.  It also helps you fall asleep faster and experience deeper rest.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 2

Still Mountain Lake

Experience the peacefulness of a still mountain lake. Feel the stress melt away as you become one with nature.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 3

Restful Breathing

This simple method can be done anywhere and any time to immediately reduce stress, slow and restore natural breathing patterns.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 4

Relaxing at the Beach

Notice the gentle breeze on your face and the warm sand between your toes as you listen to natural rhythms of the ocean waves. Enjoy relaxing at the beach.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 5

Autogenics: Floating Warmth

Experience deep relaxation with autogenics. Many athletes and other performers use autogenics to reduce stress and improve performance.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 6

Progressive Relaxation

One of the most impressive ways to immediately release muscle tension and enjoy deep relaxation.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 7

Release & Relax

Release the pressures of the day with this mindful guided relaxation. Learn to simply let go, release and relax.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 8

Flowing Comfort

Release unwanted tension and restore the body and mind to feelings of calmness and serentity with this guided relaxation.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 9

Relaxing Island Lake

Use your imagination to escape to a relaxing island located in a beautiful, peaceful lake. Let your mind become quiet in this secluded place.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 10

Serene Mountains

Want to get away? In just a few minutes you can be where there is no stress, just breathtaking views at the top of the beautiful, peaceful, serene mountains.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 11

Autogenics: Inner Silence

How deep can you go? Autogenics guided relaxation create comfortable feelings of warmth and heaviness. Enjoy deep relaxing, restorative, rest.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 12

Floating through Colors

Gently float through colors into deep relaxation with this guided imagery. Experience feelings of deep relaxation, inner silence and stillness.


Use these guided meditations to help you quickly fall asleep and sleep deeply.

Recharge & Rebalance

Guided Relaxation Downloads 30

Finding Peace in Nature

Feelings of tension and stress dissolve and are replaced by feelings of balance and centeredness in this wonderful guided relaxation.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 31

Inner Energy

This guided relaxation helps release tension and replace it by creating focused, balanced, energy from within.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 32

Power Nap (short version)

Enjoy a burst of rejuvenation and balance in an even shorter amount of time with the Power Nap – brief version.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 33

Release & Relax

Release the pressures of the day with this shorter version of Release and Relax.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 34

Progressive Relaxation

Immediately release muscle tension and enjoy deep relaxation.

Optimize Performance

Guided Relaxation Downloads 35

Inner Wisdom

Go on an insightful, inner journey that will tap into your deeper levels of wisdom, insight, and inner peace.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 36

Inner Workshop 1

Create your inner workshop, a place where you can go to release negative emotions and energy and replace them with healing and joy.

Guided Relaxation Downloads 37

Inner Workshop 2

Visit your inner workshop. Use the tools you now have to engage your subconscious mind in creating the life you want to live.

Coming Soon . . .

Guided Relaxation Downloads 38

Ambient Sounds

Relax or fall asleep to a clear mountain stream, gentle rain, space sounds, thunder, or rhythmic ocean waves. 

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