How Stress Looked for Our Ancestors

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How Chronic Stress Looks for Us Today

In this short video, you learn how chronic stress for us today is different from the acute type of stress that our ancient ancestors experienced when their lives really were in danger.

Script: Here’s how stress looked for our ancestors.

Remember that for our ancestors, the stress response followed a precise pattern whenever they were in danger.

natural stress response

It looked like this whenever they encountered a threat.

When the threat was over, they returned to normal (rest-and-repair).

How is stress different for us today?

Today we find ourselves safe and comfortable, most of the time.

But we say “Uh-Oh!!” to things, events, or people that aren’t dangerous.

Remember, it’s the “Uh-Oh!!” thought that activates the stress response, every time.

The threat thought automatically turns on the stress response.

We then turn on all the “juices” for maximum strength and speed, even though we don’t need that extra energy.

We are safe from dangerous threats almost all the time. 

But frequently, we make up stories about what’s happening.

Those stories include thoughts that sound like “Uh-Oh!!”

Our body interprets every “Uh-Oh!!” as if it were a bear.

And this keeps happening all day long. 

So instead of returning to rest-and-repair, as our ancestors did, we stay in fight-or-flight all day long.

It never seems to end.

how chronic stress looks for us today

When we are in chronic stress, EVERY system of the body is out of balance.

That’s when health problems happen.

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