How to Access the Stress Relief Center

Follow these steps to gain access to our most comprehensive collection of stress reducing tools - including audios, videos, workbooks, trainings, and easy to use online resources.

Written By Michael Olpin

On June 16, 2019
I'm Michael Olpin. I'm really good at helping you get rid of your stress ... for good.

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Follow these Steps to Gain Access to the Stress Relief Center

Starting from our  Home Page select the Stress Relief Center menu.

Then select Stress Relief Center Registration.


Scroll down to fill in the Form with your information.

If you have a Coupon Code, select Have a Coupon?

Put your Coupon Code in the box.

Sign up using either PayPal or your Credit Card.

Then Push the Come Inside button.


You are now inside the Stress Relief Center.

This first time, carefully read the information on the Welcome page.

At the bottom of this page, click the words Click HERE to Begin


Browse around the SRC to see all the options you have available. It’s like a fitness center or a gym with so many powerful tools.

Of the many things to do, we strongly recommend beginning with the Release training. It’s a terrific first step on your path to a stress free life.



Each subsequent time you want to visit the Stress Relief Center, follow these steps

Once you have a user name (your email address) and a password, you have unlimited access to the Stress Relief Center.

To access it, choose the Log In option.


Fill in both boxes using your email address and your password.

Then hit the Log In button


You will see your information in the boxes.

To access the SRC, select the Subscriptions button


On the next page, choose Stress Relief Center

This will give you access to the SRC.



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