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The Beginning of Stress Prevention

We effectively manage stress in two ways: reducing stress and preventing stress.

Stress prevention involves reducing or eliminating threat thoughts.

We prevent stress when we remove threat thoughts from our thinking patterns.

Remember that the “Uh-Oh!” thought activates the stress response.

No “Uh-Oh!” thought = No Stress.

In any setting, situation, or environment, we can ask ourselves three questions.

If we answer them correctly, we effectively prevent stress activation.

Here are the 3 questions:

1. Am I in danger?

We can ask this same question differently: Am I safe? Am I going to die?

2. Can I handle this without dying?

We can refer to our past experience (or someone else’s) to know we can get through it this time without dying.

3. Can I think about this differently?

We will go into a lot more detail about how to answer these questions, but for now, just let them sink in.

Test them anytime in any situation and notice how you feel.

You’ll start to notice the beginning of stress prevention. 

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