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Terra Firma App

The complete solution to all of your stress problems. Available on app or PC.

Release Course

A 14-module foundational stress management course for individuals organizations.

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Purchase and own tools that work to turn off your stress and feel a lot better.


Help your employees achieve peak performance by providing high-quality stress management education.

Release is a comprehensive stress management training program. It is guaranteed to relieve stress in individuals, students, families, community organizations, companies, and corporations.

  • 14 modules
  • 4-5 hours total, best delivered over 6 weeks
  • For organizations or individuals with stress


RELEASE is now Included

In the Terra Firma App

Terra Firma is a platform available for mobile and PC, full of Dr. Olpin’s cutting-edge stress management tools. The “Netflix” of stress management is easy to use and includes:

  • Courses & Workshops
  • Workbooks & Audiobooks
  • Guided Relaxation Exercises
  • Meditations
  • Quick Relief videos
  • Social Community
  • Expert Coaching
  • Constant updates
  • Live Webinars with Dr. Olpin
  • Mobile Compatible

Terra Firma is not like other apps that give quick tips or tricks to temporarily “fix” stress.

Terra Firma is a multi-dimensional, research-based tool that helps people turn off their stress, feel better, be healthier, and build a strong foundation from which they can thrive.

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    Buy and own your favorite stress management tools, including guided relaxation exercises, guided sleep meditations, books, and stress relieving equipment.

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