Use these tools to help you learn about stress

The “How” of Stress

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Stress Self-Assessment

3 Videos and Audio

How are your stress levels?

Take this self-assessment to find out where you are stress-wise. Then listen as Dr. Olpin explains what your answers might mean.


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Understanding Stress

6 Videos and Audio

This class explores the fundamental nature of stress, the real source of stress, how stress should happen, and why it happens when it shouldn’t.

This is an important, foundational class on stress.

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The Stress Response

6 Videos and Audio

Explore the nature of stress: the surprising reason it happens, how long it should last, and a few more things you probably didn’t know about how stress works.

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Symptoms of Stress

11 Videos and Audio

Learn what stress may be doing to you and what symptoms it causes in the short and long run. Discover the feedback signals your body is sending you.  

Have you been listening?


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Thoughts, Emotions, & Stress Prevention

8 Videos and Audio

In this workshop, we explore how stress happens, how thoughts precede feelings, how our emotions happen, and how to prevent stress. 

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Choice & Perception

11 Videos and Audio

Stress starts with how we think about things. It always depends on our perceptions.

In this class, you learn exactly how that works.

Understanding Stress

The Beginning of Stress-Free Living

Welcome to your first coaching session.

These Videos are Like Cairns

Find out what cairns symbolize in your stress management.

5 Things You Must Know about Stress

Learn the 5 “need to knows” about stress.

Assess Your Stress

Discover your level of stress.

The REAL Reason You're Stressed

Few people understand the real reason they’re stressed.

What Happens when the Stress Turns On?

Learn what happens to you when the stress turns on.

The Stress Response is Not Designed to Work Very Long

Find out why.

Exactly How Long Should I Be Stressed?

Do you know?

What Happens When You Stay Stressed?

Find out what happens to when the stress is on too long.

Chronic Feedback Signals Part 1

Your body is sending you signals. Are you listening?

Chronic Feedback Signals Part 2

Your body is sending you signals. Are you listening?

How Our Perceptions Activate Stress

Discover which perceptions actually create stress.

Perceived Stress

What are the most common stressful situations?

Take Stress Out of Your Thinking

The practical application for what you have learned so far.

Workbook One – Understanding Stress

Most people know when they are stressed but they don’t know what stress really is, how it works, what the symptoms are, or how to turn it off. Find out the real reason you’re stressed in these audio snippets.


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Understanding Stress

Introduction to Understanding Stress

Understanding Stress

How is Your Stress?
Assess Your Stress

Understanding Stress

The REAL Reason You’re Stressed

Understanding Stress

Chronic Stress

Understanding Stress

Preparing to Master Your Stress


Release is the foundational course for getting rid of your stress. It is the best place to start if you are serious about not only reducing your stress but preventing it in the future.

Release has 14 short sessions with videos, activities, and guided relaxations for you to try. Make feeling really good your new normal!

  • Understanding stress and what it is doing to you.
  • Reducing your stress
  • Preventing stress from happening in the future
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