Use these tools to help you get back in balance

Recharge & Rebalance with Guided Meditation

Try each exercise at least twice and discover how they work for you.

If you want to download a relaxation exercise, but the download arrow doesn’t show, right-click the audio file and select “Save Audio As . . .”

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Finding Peace in Nature

Feelings of tension and stress dissolve and are replaced by feelings of balance and centeredness in this wonderful guided relaxation.

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Inner Energy

This guided relaxation helps release tension and replace it by creating focused, balanced, energy from within.

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Power Nap (short version)

Enjoy a burst of rejuvenation and balance in an even shorter amount of time with the Power Nap – brief version.

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Release & Relax

Release the pressures of the day with this shorter version of Release and Relax.

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Progressive Relaxation

Immediately release muscle tension and enjoy deep relaxation.

Workshops to help you regain balance

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What is Wellness & Balance?

4 Videos and Audio

It’s not how long you live, it’s the quality of life you have.

Find out how you can improve your optimum health now and as you age.




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Mind-Body Balance

3 Videos and Audio

When you are in chronic stress mode, you’re out of balance – systemically.

Your body is breaking down.

Once you get back in balance, healing can happen – at all levels.

This workshop is an in-depth analysis of what happens during chronic stress and how to regain balance.

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Nutrition & Sunshine

16 Videos and Audio

A  healthy diet can be different for everyone, and that’s OK.

There are however, some basics for nutrition that can help with less stress and better well-being.

Find out what they are in this workshop.


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Get Better Sleep

5 Videos and Audio

 In this workshop, you learn how to improve your sleep. Learn how to quickly fall asleep, how to sleep more deeply, and how to feel more rested after you’ve slept.

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Mind-Body Connection - Part 1

6 Videos and Audio

In this class, we explore the mind/body connection.

Discover how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect our well-being.


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Mind-Body Connection - Part 2

 8 Videos and Audio

This session continues our exploration of the mind/body connection and how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors affect our well-being.


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Enhancing Creativity

1 Video and Audio 

In this workshop, Dr. Olpin discusses what creativity has to do with stress reduction and how to activate and enhance your creative juices.


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Run Barefoot

3 Videos and Audio

Strange as it sounds, barefoot running might help you with some of your physical problems (muscles and joints).

Learn how it works, and how to ease your way into successful barefoot running in this quick workshop.

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18 Videos and Audio

Serendipity is a peaceful approach to living that results in happiness, trust, and inner peace.
This class guides you into the magical world of serendipity and synchronicity and teaches you how to make it an active principle in your life.
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Energy Systems, EFT & Tapping - Part 1

13 Videos and Audio

This workshop explores the body’s energy systems, what could go wrong with them, and a very powerful way of healing one of  them with a technique known as EFT or Tapping.

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Energy Systems, EFT & Tapping - Part 2

11 Videos and Audio   

This is part 2 of the workshop exploring the body’s energy systems, what could go wrong with them, and a very powerful technique for healing one of the energy systems known as EFT or Tapping. 


Regaining Balance Instruction

Preventing Your Stress

Yes! You can prevent stress from happening in the first place!

Thoughts Preceed Emotions

Most people think it is the other way around.

4 Steps to Eliminate Threat Thoughts

4 simple things  to take control.

How to Adopt a Proactive Paradigm

This 3 minute video may change your life forever.

Stimulus Response and the Gap In-Between

Do you know what The Gap is? Unleash it’s incredible power.

Mind the GAP

The soccer game that went from a volatile situation into one of love and concern.

Upgrade Your Thoughts

Upgrade your thoughts, upgrade your life.

Working with Your Subconscious Mind

Engage your subconscious to work better for you.

Effective Self-Talk

Learn the first way to change old worn out subconscious scripts.

6 Steps to Successful Affirmations

The do’s and don’ts of successful affirmations.

How to Get Big Benefits from Visualization

Visualization-a powerful tool that can improve your life.

Unmotivated? Get Inspired

Hate Monday mornings? Watch this video.

From Pressures to Priorities

Waves crashing in around you? Learn to ride the waves instead.

Time Management

Straight forward strategies to make time work for you.

Interruptions & a Flexible To-Do List

How to handle interruptions & feel good about your “to do” list.

From Conflict to Consideration

Powerful tools to enjoy your relationships.

Workbook Two – Preventing Stress

Yes its true! You can prevent your stress. Discover what few people know about stress – how to prevent it from happening in the first place.


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Preventing Stress

Introduction to Stress Prevention

Preventing Stress

The Power of the Gap

Preventing Stress

Upgrade Your Thoughts

Preventing Stress

Putting Your Subconscious Mind to Work for You

Preventing Stress

Rewrite Old Subconscious Scripts with Affirmations

Preventing Stress

Mastering Mental Rehearsal

Preventing Stress

Unmotivated to Inspired

Preventing Stress

Pressures to Priorities

Preventing Stress

Time Management Strategies

Preventing Stress

Anxiety to Empathy

Preventing Stress

Conflict to Cooperation

Preventing Stress

Resistance to Unruffled

Preventing Stress

Stress-Related Emotions
Anger & Guilt

Preventing Stress

Stress-Related Emotions

Preventing Stress

Control to Enlightenment

Meditation Class

Learn to meditate in less than an hour!

Join Dr. Olpin as he explains what meditation is, discusses its incredible benefits to mind and body, and answers questions. Then follow along as he guides you through your own meditation. You will feel amazing!

  • Learn what meditation is and what it isn’t.
  • Discover the wonderful benefits of meditation.
  • Find out how simple it is to meditate.
  • Experience meditation for yourself.


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