Use these tools to TURN OFF your stress

Relax with Guided Meditation

Try each exercise at least twice and discover how they work for you.

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The Power Nap

One of the most popular relaxations! Immediately reduce stress, get a resurgence of energy, and restore  balance.  It also helps you fall asleep faster and experience deeper rest.

Still Mountain Lake

Experience the peacefulness of a still mountain lake. Feel the stress melt away as you become one with nature.

Restful Breathing

This simple method can be done anywhere and any time to immediately reduce stress, slow and restore natural breathing patterns.

Relaxing at the Beach

Notice the gentle breeze on your face and the warm sand between your toes as you listen to natural rhythms of the ocean waves. Enjoy relaxing at the beach.

Autogenics: Floating Warmth

Experience deep relaxation with autogenics. Many athletes and other performers use autogenics to reduce stress and improve performance.

Progressive Relaxation

One of the most impressive ways to immediately release muscle tension and enjoy deep relaxation.

Release & Relax

Release the pressures of the day with this mindful guided relaxation. Learn to simply let go, release and relax.

Flowing Comfort

Release unwanted tension and restore the body and mind to feelings of calmness and serentity with this guided relaxation.

Relaxing Island Lake

Use your imagination to escape to a relaxing island located in a beautiful, peaceful lake. Let your mind become quiet in this secluded place.

Serene Mountains

Want to get away? In just a few minutes you can be where there is no stress, just breathtaking views at the top of the beautiful, peaceful, serene mountains.

Autogenics: Inner Silence

How deep can you go? Autogenics guided relaxation create comfortable feelings of warmth and heaviness. Enjoy deep relaxing, restorative, rest.

Floating through Colors

Gently float through colors into deep relaxation with this guided imagery. Experience feelings of deep relaxation, inner silence and stillness.

Finding Peace in Nature

Feelings of tension and stress dissolve and are replaced by feelings of balance and centeredness in this wonderful guided relaxation.

Progressive Relaxation

Immediately release muscle tension and enjoy deep relaxation.

Power Nap (short version)

Enjoy a burst of rejuvenation and balance in an even shorter amount of time with the Power Nap – brief version.

Relaxation Instruction

Workshops to help you Relax

Introduction to Relaxation

3 Videos and Audio

When people experience the painful symptoms of stress, they need to use tools that help them turn OFF that stress.

Learn more about those tools in this class.


The Science of Breathing

5 Videos and Audio

Learn a variety of simple, scientifically proven ways to stop stress just by using your breath.

How To Meditate

9 Videos and Audio

Learn how to meditate in less than an hour.

Follow along as Dr. Olpin explains its incredible benefits, and then guides you through a meditative experience. You’ll be meditating like and expert in no time.


Advanced Meditation

10 Videos and Audio

Expand your skills in meditation. Learn how meditation leads to the opening up of intuition, the generation of ideas and insights, and the promotion of mind/body balance.



 15 Videos and Audio

Explore the amazing benefits of yoga!

Then do some of the basic yoga poses that will help you feel good and relieve your stress.

Music for Stress Reduction

1 Video

In this fascinating workshop on music, learn about the effects of various types of music on the body and the best examples of music to help reduce stress.


Progressive Relaxation

4 Videos and Audio

Many athletes and other professionals use progressive relaxation to improve their performance.

Dr. Olpin explains the benefits of progressive relaxation then guides you through this great stress-busting activity.



What Else Can I Do?

17 Videos and Audio

Are there other ways to get rid of stress?

Discover what hobbies, naps, screaming, exercise, nature, media, shopping, massage, writing, and more have to do with stress relief.

  Learn which things work better than others.



Audio Instruction – How to Relax

Workbook Three – Reducing Stress

No matter how much a person may know about stress and how to prevent it, sometimes it’s easy to forget and the stress turns on anyway. These are the best, most researched tools in the world to help reduce stress. Learn why they work and their incredible benefits. Then, try them yourself to return to a state of balance where your mind and body can heal. 


Reducing Stress

Introduction to Stress Reduction

Reducing Stress

Power Tool – Meditation

Reducing Stress

Power Tool – Yoga

Reducing Stress

Guided Relaxation

Reducing Stress

Power Tool – Exercise

Reducing Stress

Power Tool – Sleep

Reducing Stress

Power Tool – Music

Reducing Stress

Power Tool – Massage

Reducing Stress

Power Tool – Forgiveness

Reducing Stress

Improving Relationships

Reducing Stress

More Stress Reducing Tools

Stress Mastery Class

Release is the foundational course for getting rid of your stress. It is the best place to start if you are serious about not only reducing your stress but preventing it in the future.

Release has 14 short sessions with videos, activities, and guided relaxations for you to try. Make feeling really good your new normal!