Introduction to Release

Dr. Olpin’s Message to You

Let’s make getting rid of your stress as easy as possible.

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Welcome!  I am excited to be working with you!

I invite you to watch the introductory video to learn about these Release coaching sessions.

Then take the stress assessment. This will create a baseline for you to look back on, and to view your progress as you move through this training.

Then check out the Dive Deeper section for even more information to help you in your journey to stress-free living.

When you are ready, start session one. Each session is around 10 minutes.



How to get the most from your coaching sessions.

Make a goal to watch a Release session about every other day.

What Works Best for You?

Do the guided relaxation exercise at least twice before moving to the next session.

Assess Your Stress

How is stress affecting you?

  1. Watch the video and when prompted, click on the self-assessment button.

 2. Take the self-assessment and return to the video.

 3. You can refer back to this assessment throughout the training. It will be a baseline to view your progress.

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Go on to session one, or stay and “Dive Deeper” below to learn more introductory information. 

Dive Deeper

Discover what you need to know about your stress and the power tools that get rid of it faster.