Use these tools to help you sleep

Guided Sleep Relaxation Exercises

These guided relaxation exercises will help you quickly fall asleep and sleep deeply.

Be sure to listen to these with headphones while you are lying in bed to fall asleep. As sleep begins to happen, end the relaxation exercise. You don’t need to listen to them through to the end if you are already falling asleep while doing them.

Try each exercise at least twice and discover how they work for you.

If you want to download a relaxation exercise, but the download arrow doesn’t show, right-click the audio file and select “Save Audio As . . .”

Sleep Instruction

Workshops to help you sleep

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Get Better Sleep

5 Videos and Audio

 In this workshop, you learn how to improve your sleep. Learn how to quickly fall asleep, how to sleep more deeply, and how to feel more rested after you’ve slept.

Workbook Three – Reducing Stress – Sleep Section

Listen to this section of the workbook that specifically focuses on sleep, how to improve it, how to get to sleep quickly, and how to enjoy nights of uninterrupted sleep.


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Reducing Stress

Power Tool – Sleep