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Release is the foundational course for getting rid of your stress. It is the best place to start if you are serious about not only reducing your stress but preventing it in the future.

Release has 14 short sessions with videos, activities, and guided relaxations for you to try. Make feeling really good your new normal!

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In Mindfulness the Master Course you will dive into the most important component of stress management.

Learn how the mind works, what mindfulness is and what it isn’t, the qualities of mindfulness, mindfulness vs multitasking, and how to be mindful all the time.

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Learn to meditate in less than an hour!

Join Dr. Olpin as he explains what meditation is, discusses its incredible benefits to mind and body, and answers questions. Then follow along as he guides you through your own meditation. You will feel amazing!


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Stress Management for Life

Stress Management for Life helps you incorporate what you have learned in to your life. Explore the different types of goals, how to set them to achieve what you want, and how to evaluate your progress.

Discover how to keep it simple, and what Dr. Olpin does to manage his stress.

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