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Preventing Stress

Preventing Stress

Preventing Your Stress

Yes! You can prevent stress from happening in the first place!

Thoughts Preceed Emotions

Most people think it is the other way around.

4 Steps to Eliminate Threat Thoughts

4 simple things  to take control.

How to Adopt a Proactive Paradigm

This 3 minute video may change your life forever.

Stimulus Response and the Gap In-Between

Do you know what The Gap is? Unleash it’s incredible power.

Mind the GAP

The soccer game that went from a volatile situation into one of love and concern.

Upgrade Your Thoughts

Upgrade your thoughts, upgrade your life.

Working with Your Subconscious Mind

Engage your subconscious to work better for you.

Effective Self-Talk

Learn the first way to change old worn out subconscious scripts.

6 Steps to Successful Affirmations

The do’s and don’ts of successful affirmations.

How to Get Big Benefits from Visualization

Visualization-a powerful tool that can improve your life.

Unmotivated? Get Inspired

Hate Monday mornings? Watch this video.

From Pressures to Priorities

Waves crashing in around you? Learn to ride the waves instead.

Time Management

Straight forward strategies to make time work for you.

Interruptions & a Flexible To-Do List

How to handle interruptions & feel good about your “to do” list.

From Conflict to Consideration

Powerful tools to enjoy your relationships.

From Anxiety to Empathy

Learn how empathy helps release unwanted tension and hals relationships.

From Resistance to Unruffled

People who are cool under pressure? This is what they do. 

Anger and Guilt

Angry? It’s ALWAYS caused by the same thing. Get rid of it and you get rid of anger too.

Fear & Your Discomfort Zone

Explore how your “discomfort zone” can help you.

The 6 Things You Never Knew about Fear

Did you know this about fear? You might be surprised.

What to Do When You Worry

What to do when you want to worry.

From Control to Enlightenment

The transformation of Jacob.