Stress Busting Activities

Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Experience Something New


Have Fun


What do you want to do today?

Stress Busting Activities 1

Mindful Activities

Work your mindful muscles and make them strong enough so that mindfulness becomes part of your daily living.



Here and Now

Being Mindful All the Time

Hearing & Touch

Pondered Past

Mindful Eating

Mindful Meditation Thought Watching

Essential Quotes


Stress Busting Activities 2

Take Control of Your Time Activities

These activities help you learn skills that will help you manage your time more effectively.

Tallying Your Time

Effective “To Do” Lists

Big Project in Doable Pieces

Stress Busting Activities 3

Stress Prevention

These activities help you keep from getting stressed-out in the first place.

Dominant Thoughts

Filling The GAP

Affirmations & Visualization

Upgrade Your Resistance Thoughts


Breaking Through Your Fears


Stress Busting Activities 4

Relationship Activities

These activities will teach you skills that will reduce stress and  help you improve your relationships.

Think Win-Win

Empathic Listening

Rewrite Your Rules

Stress Busting Activities 5

Creating Success

Create your personal wellness plan!

(See the “Stress Management for Life” course for more information.)

Create Your Behavioral Goals

Create Your Outcome Goals

Stress Busting Activities 6

Stress Reduction Activities

These activities help you reduce your stress when you slip into stress mode.


How to Relax in an Instant

Coming Soon…

More Stress Busting Activities

There are many more categories of wellness, and we have even more activities that fit into those areas.

Emotional Wellness & Peak Performance

Don’t just live life, live life to the fullest! We are adding new resources in this area all the time.

Healthier Kids

Kids need stress management, emotional wellness, and peak performance help too.