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Understanding Stress

Dive into 14 short videos describing what stress is, the real reason it happens, what it does to your body, how long the stress response should be on, chronic stress, perceived stress, and your body’s feedback signals. Have you been listening?

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Preventing Stress

Yes! You can prevent stress. Watch these 22 short videos to help you understand the Gap, upgrade your thoughts, work with your subconscious mind, get inspired, learn time management, overcome fear, know what to do when you worry, and more.

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Reducing Stress

Discover the most effective, proven ways to reduce your stress in these 15 short videos. Learn the benefits of guided relaxation, the power nap, meditation, breathing, autogenics, progressive relaxation, yoga, exercise, sleep, massage, music, and more.

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Explore why mindfulness is called the “master stress management tool” inĀ  10 short videos. Find out how the mind works, what mindfulness is, how to be mindful, the qualities of mindfulness, mindfulness vs multitasking and more.


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Stress Management for Life

Put it all together with these 7 short videos. Learn a model for success, how to visualize where you want to be in 3 months, learn how to evaluate your progress, create an action plan that gets results, and find out what Dr. Olpin does to manage his stress.

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