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Live Workshops

33 Full-Length Workshops

Join Dr. Olpin as he teaches people just like you stress management and wellness topics like the power of perception, the science of breathing, meditation, levels of responding, time & life management, and much more.

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Courses & Trainings

5 Full-Length Courses

Interactive online courses with video, audio, and activities on these topics: meditation, mindfulness, stress management, and more

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Instructional Videos

72 short videos

Short Video clips on the stress response, time management, relaxation,  subconscious mind, yoga, visualization, stress-related emotions like fear, anger, and worry, and much more.

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Guided Relaxation

19 Guided Meditations

Short, powerful, guided relaxation options that immediately relax, relieve symptoms, increase focus, and bring you back to healing balance.

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Stress Mastery Workbooks

5 Workbooks

Dive into the workbooks that inspired the Release, Mindfulness, and Stress Management for Life courses. Download them to your mobile device to read anywhere, anytime.

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Stress Busting Activities

Dozens of Experiential Activities

Experience a variety of proven, fun ways to reduce stress and increase relaxation. You can do these alone or with friends.

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Instructional Audio

54 Workbook Segments

Listen to stress management, relaxation, and wellness topics, from the workbooks, conveniently from your mobile device.

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5 Published Books

Authored by Dr. Olpin, these books guide you on your path to real stress relief and teach how to make a relaxed, happier state your new normal.

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Unlimited Opportunities

Join the SRC community! Ask questions and share your experiences. Together we can support, teach, and learn from each other.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the idea behind the SRC?

Similar to a physical gym, the SRC is constructed so that each time you come, you can have whatever experience you need that day. Whether it’s relaxing,  improving your sleep, or reaching peak performance, you’ll find the tools you need to strengthen your wellness muscles and eliminate stress from your life.

There is a lot of stuff here. Where do I start?

We don’t want you to get overwhelmed in the Stress Relief Center!

While we want to provide you with every world-class method to get rid of your stress, we also want to keep it simple and easy to do.

We recommend starting with the Release Release Training. It will provide you with the foundation for everything else you learn in the SRC.

What is the fastest way to get relief?

We always recommend the Guided Relaxations that you can listen to on your mobile device.

Research has proven that these can immediately reduce stress and help you feel better.

Other great tools to get more control of your stress would be the Living Well Workshop segments, and Courses & Trainings, especially Release.

Can my business get involved in this?

Of course! We know the workplace can be stressful. Incorporating a stress management program can increase production and creativity in your employees. Check out our Business Solutions page for options on how to get your company involved.

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