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The App

A simple step-by-step system for stressed-out people to quickly feel better and permanently gain control over stress

Most stress management programs are just a collection of guided meditations to help treat symptoms of stress.

The Terra Firma app doesn’t just ease symptoms but gives you tools to prevent stress permanently.

Your Terra Firma App Registration Includess

  • RELEASE foundational stress management training
  • Access to dozens of classes, and workshops from Michael Olpin, PhD.
  • Audio versions of all of Michael’s classes and workshops to listen on the go
  • Guided relaxation exercises to help you quickly turn off your stress
  • Guided sleep meditations to help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep through the night
  • “Ask the Expert” area
  • Digital workbooks
  • Audio and video of digital workbooks
  • Guided minute meditations to help you quickly relax
  • Experiential activities to reinforce guided learning
  • Monthly webinars
  • Regular email messages to keep you motivated and focused
  • BONUS MATERIALS: Digital and Audio versions of Michael’s stress management workbook for athletes and performers
  • More excellent tools and training coming every month

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Terra Firma

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The Guided 14-Session Online Stress Management Video Course

here is where you begin your journey

Free yourself from headaches,  irritability,  problems sleeping,  weight gain or loss,  low energy,  tension, and pain.  When the stress response turns off, your body returns to balance. 

Release builds the foundation for permanent stress relief. Start here on your journey toward a stress-free life.

Workshops to turn off your stress

Get a front-row seat and watch Dr. Olpin interact with people just like you, answering questions, sharing experiences, and teaching concepts in a personal, more in-depth format.

stressed vs. relaxed

This workshop introduces you to the tools that turn off chronic stress and symptoms of chronic stress.

using your breath to balance & Relax

Learn a variety of ways to stop stress – just by using your breath. 

Meditation: pure relaxation

Dr. Olpin shows you exactly how to meditate, and then helps you become a meditation expert.

using imagery to deeply relax the mind

Learn why guided imagery or visualization work  to relax the mind and body.

relax tense muscles with progressive relaxation

Dr. Olpin explains the benefits of progressive relaxation then guides you through this great stress-busting activity.

Autogenics - Get relaxed like never before

One of the most powerful tools to help improve your sleep, instantly.

Gain balance of mind and body with yoga

Explore the amazing benefits of yoga! Then do some basic yoga poses that will help you feel good and relieve your stress.

Turn on your creative juices

Learn how to tap into the most creative parts of your quiet mind, once you’ve achieved a deeply relaxed state

all the best ways to relax

Discover what hobbies, naps, screaming, exercise, nature, media, shopping, massage, writing, and more have to do with stress relief. Learn which ways work better than others.

Short Instructional Videos

Become a Master over Stress

These short videos give quick instruction on stress-related topics like the stress response, time management, relaxation, the subconscious mind, yoga, visualization, stress-related emotions like fear, anger, and worry, and much more.

Watch a sample video

Workshops about the reality of stress

Sometimes just knowing how stress really happens gives you enormous power to do something about it. Join with Dr. Olpin as he walks you through the real cause and the perfect solution to your stress.

Why and how you get stressed

This workshop explores the fundamental nature of stress, the real source of your stress, and why it happens when it shouldn’t.

Your body on stress-mode

Explore the nature of stress: the surprising reason it happens, how long it should last, and a few more things you probably didn’t know about how stress works.

all the bad things when you stay stressed

Discover the feedback signals (symptoms of stress) that your body is sending you telling you to turn off your stress.  

how to think to prevent stress

In this workshop, learn how thoughts precede feelings, how our emotions happen, and what that has to do with preventing stress.

you can choose differently

Stress starts with how we think about things. It always depends on our perceptions. Learn exactly how that works in this workshop.

how are you doing?

Take this self-assessment to find out where you are stress-wise. Then listen as Dr. Olpin explains what your answers might mean.

Watch an example


Quick Relief!

You don’t have much time, but you need to quickly turn off your stress.

You’ll find short videos, quick activities, and powerful insights to help you feel better – right now!

Workshops to Prevent stress

You’ve probably been told stress is inevitable – there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. In these workshops, you learn how to not only prevent stress, but enjoy the reality of living without it for life.

what you have always been told about stress is wrong

Most stress happens because we are conditioned to  react. Learn how to respond so you don’t turn on your stress

think differently: feel better

Depending on how we react, we turn on stress, or we don’t. In this class, we learn how to gain control of our responding so we can feel peaceful, happy and calm.

how to turn anger into peace

Our emotions follow our thoughts. In this class, we explore the unhealthy nature of anger and guilt and how to prevent them from happening.

how to turn fear into confidence

In this workshop, we explore the unhealthy nature of fear and worry and how to prevent them from happening.

Inner peace

When we do the things that are most important to us, when we live our days according to the things we value most, we get inner peace.

Get control of your time and your life

People who manage their time have a lot less stress. Learn all about time, what it is, and some practical skills that can make time work better for you.

Bring love to your relationships

Join an interesting discussion on reasons why some relationships work, and why some relationships do not. 

How to really listen

This workshop reveals the type of listening that results in poor understanding, and the kind of listening that results in real understanding.

Effective self-talk

Listen, as Dr. Olpin explains how to, (and how not to) talk to yourself. 

Dozens of guided meditations for relaxation, recharging, and to help you fall asleep.

Guided Relaxation/Meditation

You need to relax, but you don’t know how. This is where you start to fix that problem.

Workshops to help you Thrive.

Living optimally, happily, peacefully, and productively is within our reach.

Discover the little-known tools that help you live at your peak, every single day.

How is wellness different than health?

It’s not how long you live, it’s the quality of life you have. Learn how you can improve your optimum health now and as you age.


how thoughts, emotions and your body are connected

Do your thoughts and feelings affect your well-being? This workshop shows you how to feel a lot better by how you think and feel.

When the mind and body are in balance, you heal

When you are in chronic stress, you’re out of balance and your body breaks down. Once you get back in balance, healing can happen – at all levels.

peacefulness through mindfulness

The present moment, here and now, is a stress-free place. Discover how to put your awareness in your here-and-now, to experience deep peacefulness and relaxing calm.

Peacefulness through mindfulness - part 2

This workshop continues our focus on mindfulness. Here and now awareness is the key to peacefulness and stress prevention. Learn how to be mindful in this workshop.

Experience the Wow of now!

Dive deeper into the beautiful world of mindfulness. Mindfulness makes every experience better.
It is the key to unlock the door of happiness, inner peace & joy.

Conscious and subconscious mind connection

Find out how to re-write those old, worn-out, dysfunctional subconscious scripts that prevent you from living the kind of life you really desire.

how to work with (rather than against) your subconscious mind

Discover how your perception creates your reality and what it has to do with your stress.

do affirmations work?

Affirmations impact the subconscious mind positively and enhance our life. Learn how affirmations work and how to do them in this workshop.

Serendipity and real happiness

Serendipity is a peaceful approach to living that results in happiness, trust, and inner peace. Discover the magical world of serendipity and how to make it an active principle in your life.

energy systems, EFT & Tapping

This class explores the body’s energy systems, what could go wrong with them, and a very powerful technique for healing one of our energy systems known as EFT or Tapping.

sleep is what we need most of all

We all need a little help with our sleep. In this workshop, you learn how to improve how quickly you fall asleep, how deeply you sleep, and how rested you feel after you’ve slept.

MORE to come...

Stay tuned for more upcoming workshops to help you enhance your well-being and help you feel better.

Sleep like you used to


Stress gets in the way of sleeping well, and if we aren’t sleeping well, we feel even more stressed.
Learn everything you need to know to improve the quality of your sleep from the moment your head hits the pillow to the moment you arise refreshed in the morning!

Workbooks to Master Stress

Dive into the workbooks that inspired the Release, Mindfulness, and Stress Management for Life courses. Download them to your mobile device to read anytime, anywhere.

Workbook 1 understanding stress

Learn what stress is, what it does to you, and the foundation for how to get rid of it, in this workbook.


Workbook 2 Preventing Stress

Can you prevent stress? Yes! Most people don’t understand that.
Learn how to keep stress from happening in your future in this workbook.


Learn the most effective ways to reduce your stress. Discover the power-tools of stress reduction and the incredible benefits they provide.


Workbook 4 Mindfulness

Mindfulness is known as the master stress management tool. Learn what mindfulness is and what it isn’t, it’s amazing benefits, and how to be mindful in this workbook.

Workbook 5 Stress Mastery for Life

This is an application workbook. Learn how to take what you have learned and put it all together to create your own stress mastery for life plan.


Listen to audio versions of the workbooks

Workbooks to Master Stress

Fine-tune your stress mastery skills anywhere you go.

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