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Most People Struggle with Stress in 4 Ways.

They believe there isn’t anything they can do to not be stressed. It’s like stress is like a virus or bacteria that you catch, like a cold, and suddenly you’re stressed.

They don’t know how to turn stress off

They have no idea how to prevent stress from happening in the first place. Preventing stress isn’t considered an option

They have symptoms of stress that won’t go away–headaches, sleep problems, frequent illness, pain, and a long list of health problems seem to get worse, not better.

as a result

Your employees are not as
healthy, productive, or creative
as they could be.

healthcare costs

Companies pay higher medical and insurance costs because of stress-related issues.



Stress costs U.S. businesses roughly $300 billion a year due to absenteeism, reduced productivity levels, and employee turnover.

lost workdays

Sixty percent of lost workdays each year can be attributed to stress.


how much is stress costing your business?


How things would be Different if…

  • Your employees came to work each day feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep
  • Your employees experienced increasingly better health, rather than increasingly worse health
  • Your employees struggled less with headaches, getting sick so much, irritability, missing work, feeling miserable.
  • Health problems like heart disease, hypertension, depression, and other chronic conditions started going away. 

Imagine how things could be different if your employees really knew how to reduce and even prevent their stress.

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what you're imagining

can become reality


stress solutions
for Business

An approach to stress management that solves the problem of too much stress in the workplace.

Guaranteed changes

What Could Less Stress Mean for Your Business

Lower healthcare costs

improved employee health and wellbeing

increased productivity

better workplace morale

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President of stress Management place solutions

About Dr. Olpin

My name is Dr. Michael Olpin.

For over 30 years I have been helping people bring an end to their problems with stress. I’d like to help your organization or company do the same.

I have spent the last five years developing a simple system that has one single goal:

Take the stress out of people’s lives.

training options

Multi-sensory training to support learning by doing, repetition, cutting-edge tools and information.

Ideal for all styles of learning.

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Digital and Audio instruction. learn everything you need to successful get the upper-hand on stress.


Video Instruction

Audio Instruction

Listen as you go. Read or listen on your phone or in your car.

Choose the packages

Custom-Fit for your Business


Mindfulness-based instruction designed to quickly and simply teach how to reduce and control stress in just a few minutes each day.

Daily IMpact

Evidence-based guidance that produces new skills and gives employees powerful tools to gain the upper-hand on stress.

Live Training

Live or online event with Dr. Olpin. Benefit from Dr. Olpin’s 30 years of teaching, research and expertise in stress reduction strategies, peak performance training, and wellness coaching.

Stress & Wellness Coaching

Media Packages

Guided Relaxation



The most complete collection of evidence-based stress management tools available

Mindfulness-based training

on-site or right to their email – designed to quickly and simply teach how to reduce and control stress in just minutes a day.

Daily morning cues

To begin each day more refreshed and balanced.

experiential activities

Designed to support learning; promote real learning by doing


Easily accessible on your phone, tablet or computer


Scientifically proven methods to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.


Fun and interactive

nothing will change

If You Don’t Do Something Different

Your employees will learn how to effectively TURN OFF stress

They will learn how to PREVENT stress from happening in the future.

They will UNDERSTAND stress, how it affects them personally, and learn methods to combat its negative health effects.

They will REDUCE negative health symptoms of chronic stress

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