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These Facts:

IN America

The Impact of Workplace Stress

  • 40% of job turnover is due to stress.
  • Healthcare expenditures are 50% greater for workers who report elevated levels of stress.
  • Job stress is the source of more health complaints than financial or family problems.
  • The average cost of absenteeism in a large company is more than $3.6 million per year.
  • Depression is the most significant single predictor of absenteeism and work-related performance.
  • Depression, a common side effect of job stress in employees, is associated with 10 annual sick days.
  • Insurance data shows insurance claims for stress-related industrial accidents cost twice as much as non-stress-related industrial accidents.
workplace stress

as a result

Your employees aren’t as
healthy, productive, or creative
as they could be.

healthcare costs

Companies pay higher medical and insurance costs because of stress-related issues.



Stress costs U.S. businesses roughly $300 billion a year due to absenteeism, reduced productivity levels, and employee turnover.

lost workdays

Sixty percent of lost workdays each year can be attributed to stress.



How Much Stress Is Costing Your Business

what we know

Most People Struggle with Stress in 4 Ways.

  • They believe there isn’t anything they can do to keep from getting stressed. It’s like stress is a virus or bacteria that they catch, like a cold, and suddenly they’re stressed.
  • They don’t know how to turn stress off.
  • They have no idea how to prevent stress from happening in the first place. Preventing stress isn’t an option.
  • They have symptoms of stress that won’t go away – headaches, sleep problems, frequent illness, pain, burnout, depression, and a long list of health problems that get worse, not better.


How things would be different if…

  • Your employees came to work each day feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep.
  • Your employees experienced increasingly better health, rather than increasingly worse health.
  • Your employees struggled less with headaches, getting sick so much, irritability, missing work, feeling miserable.
  • Health problems like heart disease, hypertension, burnout, depression, and other chronic conditions started going away. 


Imagine how things could be different if your employees really knew how to reduce and even prevent their stress.

what you're imagining

can be your reality


stress solutions
for Business

A System that solves the problem of too much stress in the workplace.

Guaranteed results

What Would Less Stress Mean for Your Business?

Lower healthcare costs

improved employee health and wellbeing

increased productivity

better workplace morale

Mike Prof Picture 400

Meet Dr. Michael Olpin

Hi. I’m Dr. Michael Olpin.

For over 30 years I have helped over 10,000 people bring an end to their problems with stress. I’d like to help your organization or company do the same.

Based on my classes, courses, books, and workshops, I have spent the last six years developing a simple, powerful, and effective stress management system with one simple goal:

Effective Stress Management – For Life.

Two training options

Onsite workshops with Dr. Olpin


Online experiential video training.

Ideal for all styles of learning.

mike lecture

Onsite Workshops

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Online Learning



Digital and Audio instruction. Learn everything you need to successfully get the upper-hand on stress.

Video Instruction

Audio Instruction

Listen as you go. Read or listen on your phone or in your car.

Choose the packages

Personalized for Your Employees


Mindfulness-based instruction designed to quickly and simply teach how to reduce and control stress in just a few minutes each day.

Daily IMpact

Evidence-based guidance that produces new skills and gives employees powerful tools to gain the upper-hand on stress.

Live Training

Live or online events with Dr. Olpin. Benefit from Dr. Olpin’s 30 years of teaching, research and expertise in stress reduction strategies, peak performance training, and wellness coaching.

Stress & Wellness Coaching

Media Packages

Guided Relaxation



The most complete collection of evidence-based stress management tools available

Mindfulness-based training

On-site or right to email – designed to quickly and simply teach how to reduce and control stress in just minutes a day.

Daily morning cues

To begin each day more refreshed and balanced.

experiential activities

Designed to support learning; promote real learning by doing


Easily accessible on your phone, tablet or computer


Scientifically proven methods to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.


Fun and interactive

If You Don’t Do Something Different

nothing will change

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What You Get With Our Workshops

Your employees will learn how to effectively TURN OFF stress.

They will learn how to PREVENT stress from happening in the future.

They will UNDERSTAND stress, how it affects them personally, and learn methods to combat its negative health effects.

They will REDUCE negative health symptoms of chronic stress.

Less-stressed employees are happier, generally healthier and more productive employees.

Examples of Stress Mastery Workshops

A broad base of knowledge is the key to success with stress. Advance your stress management skills with these highly customizable workshops by Dr. Michael Olpin.

Understand the Root Cause of ALL Your Stress

Once you learn the real source of your stress and start learning tools to prevent your stress, you start on the road to stress-free living.

More Info

You probably think stress is inevitable, that the world is stressful, and there’s nothing you can do to change either. Most people think  stress happens to you like a virus or bacteria.

In this workshop, Dr. Olpin explores the reality of all of our stress as he busts the myth that there’s nothing you can do to reduce or even prevent stress.

Once you understand how stress really happens, you immediately get a foothold on doing something about it.

In this workshop, you’ll also understand why up to 90% of the ills and maladies of today have a stress component — stress makes them worse. You’ll be motivated to make positive changes to improve your health.

Stress Prevention

 Preventing Stress is the smartest approach to gaining mastery over stress. Learn the powerful prevention skills so you can eliminate stress from your life.

More Info

In this workshop, you learn how to control stress from a cognitive level. Stress ultimately starts with our thoughts.

When you figure out the type of thoughts that activate stress and the way of thinking that prevents stress, you gain real control over stress — you prevent it from happening at all.

Mindfulness – The Master Stress Management Skill

Once you’ve learned the power of living in the moment, everything changes … for the better. Mindfulness is the heart of everything related to stress mastery.

More Info

You’ve probably heard a lot these days about mindfulness; it’s being talked about everywhere.

Unfortunately, you’ve never really learned what mindfulness is or how to be mindful all the time. 

When you learn how to be mindful, everything changes: You experience everything more deeply, you perform better at everything, your relationships improve, you enjoy each moment as it happens.

Mindfulness is a game-changer!

How to Meditate

 A chaotic mind is a scattered mind. A still mind is a productive mind. Learn the simple skill that brings stillness and peace

More Info

Meditation isn’t some strange practice that yogis do for 20 years before they notice a difference in their stress.  Meditation is  powerful practice of quieting the mind, deeply relaxing the body, and waking you up so you can do everything you want to do with new levels of enjoyment and focus.

And you notice the effects the very first time you meditate.

People who meditate get sick less frequently; they age more slowly; everything feels more relaxed.

Once you’ve finished this meditation workshop, you’ll be an expert at the easy skill of meditation.

Stress Reduction

For many, the most important thing they can do to benefit their health and feel some sense of control over their well-being, is to learn how to turn off their chronic stress.

More Info

If you have many or any symptoms of stress – headaches, muscle pain, health problems, difficulty sleeping, emotional challenges, or any other sickness that’s caused by too much stress, this is the workshop for you.

Learn what works (and what doesn’t) to turn off your stress — experience how it feels to be in balance, calm, and relaxed.

When you finish this workshop, you will have a whole toolbox of tools that work to turn off your stress, anytime, anywhere. 

And once you turn off your stress, your symptoms of stress also go away.



Once you become conscious of how your everyday thoughts lead to how you feel and how stressed you are, you gain control over how you feel.

More Info

Our dominant thoughts become our realities. In this workshop, we focus on how we work with our subconscious mind to gain control over this process.

More than 95% of the things we do each day happen below conscious levels — from eating and taking care of ourselves to how we heal from a cut or scrape. The subconscious mind is the force, the engine that makes most things happen.

We habitually say things to ourselves about ourselves; our self-talk happens without our conscious mind taking much notice. If our consistent thoughts are mean or degrading, the subconscious goes to work creating those realities. For example, if our thoughts are consistently fearful or depressing, we find ourselves feeling afraid or depressed.

In this workshop, you learn how to work with the subconscious mind so you can rise above the habits that keep you stuck. 

Empathy & Understanding

Empathy is the master relationship skill. In any relationship, personal or professional, knowing how to be empathic can mean the difference between a long-lasting relationship and one that struggles to survive.

More Info

When we understand what the other person’s needs, desires, and challenges are, we are in a better position to help.

In this workshop, you learn when and how to use empathy.

Empathy is all about being a good listener. You may think you are a good listener, but by the end of this workshop, you will surprise yourself how much better your listening skills can become.


Peak Performance

People who function at optimum levels consistently do a few things that set them apart from everyone else. Learn what Olympic athletes and top performing business executives do to perform at maximum levels.

More Info

Peak Performers aren’t gifted or more talented than any else. They simply do specific things in specific ways consistently.

In this workshop, you will learn the five peak performing behaviors, how to incorporate them easily into your daily life, and how to train others to do the same.

Whether you are a business person, an athlete, an artist, a coach, or anyone else who wants to perform at your peak, or help others, this is the workshop for you.

And much more

Let’s get together to discuss your needs. I’m confident the tools I present in trainings, workshops, or coaching sessions do work to  help people feel a lot better. 

Happy Clients


 My biggest stressor was never getting enough sleep because I was constantly doing things, out late, never sleeping through the night, always having a million things on my mind and just always going, never sleeping. You really helped me with that, especially when I would do those relaxation exercises right before bed. Once I put everything down and away, those exercises really helped me fall asleep; they helped so much I was usually asleep before I could get 10 minutes into the exercise. I also have become more relaxed, and not so easily irritated.

Alexia T.

more peace and Joy

I did not expect there to be such awesome benefits. I have relieved symptoms I have had problems with for years such as sleeping problems and physical pain. I can have “sensitive” discussions with my children and husband with amazing results. I am finding that I am being “aware” of my surroundings and enjoying my days, not just “running around, with my head cut off, like a chicken.” I also am feeling more peace and joy in my days!!

Maria C.


I have been searching for peace and emotional healing for the about 15 yrs. Even though I have learned
a few tips, I have never been introduced to the variety of healing and peaceful techniques that Mike has shown me.

Between meditation, yoga, empathetic listening and being mindful, I see my life in a different way.  I am finding that I am being aware of my surroundings and enjoying my days. 

Trisha G. 

When I started this, I had no idea that it would be life-changing for me. I was honestly at a low point coming out of one of the hardest years of my life. I feel extremely blessed to have learned so much about myself and how I can take control and manage my stress!”

Kristy G.

I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder about three years ago. Since then I have been on and off medication, seen psychiatrists and therapists, and nothing I have tried to help manage it has been nearly as helpful as what I learned here. The information is so valuable and I wish everyone could take it. 

Courtney C

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Altius Health Plans
  • America First Credit Union
  • American Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
  • American Association of Occupational Health Nurses  (AAOHN)
  • American Express
  • American Mothers – Weber County Chapter
  • American School Health Association
  • Arlington (Texas) Senior Men’s Club
  • ARUP Laboratories
  • ASCLS – Utah Chapter
  • Association for the Advancement of Health Education
  • Autoliv
  • Box Elder County Employees
  • Box Elder School District
  • Brigham Young University
  • CASA – Utah Court Appointed Special Advocates
  • Childcare Leaders of Ogden
  • CLMA – Utah Chapter
  • Community United Methodist Church
  • Davis County Health Department
  • Davis School District
  • Deseret Mutual Benefits Administrators
  • Families Alive Annual Conference
  • Family Connection Center (FCC)
  • Good Things Utah (Channel 4 TV)
  • Good4Utah (Channel 4 TV) Afternoon News
  • Good4Utah (Channel 4 TV) Noon News
  • Health Education Association of Utah Conference
  • Health Science and Technology (HST) Education Summer Conference
  • Hill Air Force Base
  • Junior League of Ogden
  • LDS Church
  • LDS Church Groups
  • LDS Institute at Weber State
  • Marketstar
  • Merrick Bank
  • Mountain States College Stores Association (Keynote Speaker)
  • National Conference on Undergraduate Research
  • National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association
  • National Social Science Association
  • National Wellness Association
  • NCUA (Federal Government Agency)
  • Nicholas & Company
  • North Ogden Community Group
  • Northern Utah Division of Child and Family Services
  • Northern Utah Marriage Celebration
  • Northern Wasatch Oasis Group
  • Ogden City Police Department
  • Ogden LDS Institute (WSU)
  • Ogden Regional Medical Center
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  • Parker Aerospace Technologies
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  • Rural Water Association of Utah
  • Salomon Sports Equipment Company
  • School Nutrition Association of Utah
  • School Nutrition Managers – Alpine School District
  • School Nutrition Managers – Canyons School District
  • School Nutrition Managers – Granite School District
  • School Nutrition Managers – Tooele School District
  • Southwest District for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, And Dance
  • United Way of Northern Utah
  • USAOD (Federal Government Agency)
  • Utah Academy of Science, Arts, & Letters
  • Utah Association for Public Treasurers
  • Utah Association of Elementary School Principals Conference
  • Utah Bankers Association
  • Utah Health Information Management Association (UHIMA) Keynote Speaker
  • Utah Hoby Scholarship/Leadership
  • Utah Municipal Clerks Association
  • Utah Nurses Association
  • Utah Public Health Association
  • Utah School for the Deaf and Blind
  • Utah State Health Professionals Annual Conference
  • Utah State Respiratory Therapy Society
  • Utah State University
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  • VASA Fitness
  • Vistage International
  • Weber Communities that Care Coalition
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  • Weber County Women’s Annual Conference
  • Weber High School
  • Weber State University
  • Women’s Recovery Center
  • World Financial Group
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  • Zions Bank
  • Zions Securities Corporation

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